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A Piece of their Games: Exclusive Selection interviews from the initial Philippine Food cravings Games ByBeaMabatoandMicalLimcangco

Formostofus, the12thofFebruary2012 maybejustanotherregularSunday—butnot for a number of fans with the now record-breaking book-to-film operation, The Food cravings Games. Almost100avidfollowersgatheredinaless-known partofQuezonCitytowitnessandparticipate inthefirst-ever" PhilippineHungerGames”and " Tracker Jacker” organized by no aside from HungerGamesPhilippines.

Just how did you really feel when you had been ‘killed'?

Maureen: I'mfine; Iwasabletoplayfora longtimeanyway. Ryel: I was sort of annoyed mainly because I wasn'tawarethatasItrytogetbackuponmy feet, therewere‘mutts'behindmewhoshotme rightaway.

Thus after this game, are you nonetheless interested in joining District one particular tribute Maureen Patricia Ca- other competitions prepared by Craving for food Games Philiplayag, District three or more tribute Ryel Medina, District 7 pines?

tributeJoeyCamins, District7tributeAessielZipRyel: Yes, Iamwillingbutitwilldependon porah Salcedo, District 12 tribute Steve Malimyschedule. gayo, andaudiencememberLowlawereasked abouttheirexperienceonthesaidevents.

Joining the first Philippine Hunger Game titles, what was your experience? Maureen: Blood. Ryel: Itwasfunandreallychallenging!

Performed the video games meet your expectations?

Ryel: My friends and i also were wishing that the online games will not be held at school because Aessiel Zipporah Salcedo and Joey Camins itmaynotturnoutwell; aplacelikethiswillbe When you initially saw the arena, achieved it meet your expecmoresuitable, Ireallyfeltit.


What were you expecting immediately after you joined the market? When the video game started?

Joey: Iexpectedalittlesomethinglikethis. I actually thought that it'd be like paint ball or perhaps Maureen: IwashopingthatIwouldlastin that kind of thing because we were asked to wearwhite. It'ssimilarbecause[weusedwater thegame. guns] and signs of you being useless would be Ryel: Iwasthinkingthesamething; Idon't stainsonyourshirt. wanttobethefirstto‘die'becausethatwould Aessiel: Like him mainly because at first, We behumiliating. thinkthisplaceisanairsoftplace...[Although]My spouse and i didn'thaveanyideaaboutthe[twotargetareas]. Did you prepare for the games and did you like it? Joey: TheonlypreparationthatIhadwas IhadtogetthisshirtbecauseI'mnotthewhite shirt sort of guy. (laughs) And of course mentallypreparingmyself, eventhoughI'mtheoldesttributehere, seemingly, agedoesn'tmatter. Well, evidently, Ididn'twin.

Maureen Patricia Calayag and Ryel Medina


The Jabberjay | | Issue #1

How would you feel when you were ‘killed'?

doubleteamed, andthenItoldmyselfthatI'm Charlie: OfcoureIwill. Afterall, everyone tiredsotheycouldkillme. Ikeptonrunningbut deservesasecondchance. then again, I remembered that it was intended for the Mockingjay pin but nonetheless, [I think We didn't have Did you may have fun? any]chancebecausethey[had]raincoats. Steve: Ihadfun! AndatleastIwasthe Joey: Wellformyself, theywereganging secondpersontobeoutfromthearena. uponme, likeIhadtwoorthreefolkswhowere onmeandIhadnochoice, twoofthem[were] wearing raincoats and I [wasn't] not using any so I had no choice. [It was] three against one.

Down the road, if there is another function like this, Aessiel: Well, therewasatimethatIgot will you sign up for again?

Do you think it's a fair game overall?

Joey: In my opinion, it is...