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Description with the Business

Type of Business

The sort of business that my restaurant will be a Singular Proprietorship kind of business. In which the restaurant will probably be selling diverse caterogy of food. Nature of Business

The name of the business will be Corneys Restaurant, the restaurant own will be selling foods made by the restaurant current aim of making profits by selling these products to the clients of the cafe. Objectives of the business

The restaurant wishes achieve its goals inside two years in that case moving to the future plans. The cafe will then expand its procedures as a organization.


Justification of Location

Area of Organization

The location of Corneys Restaurant will be located at 56 Mandeville, Mandeville P. U, Manchester.

The three reasons to justify area are:

1 ) The reason for picking out the restaurant in Mandeville is definitely where a lot of working class people are doing their jobs. 2 . It truly is where labors works in the town of Mandeville are.

3. Inside the town of Mandeville is where pupils travel and it is availability of vehicles.


Choice of Appropriate Time

Type of Labours Necessary

You will find three types of labours. These are: skilled, semi- experienced and not skilled. Corneys Restaurant will be making use of skilled labours to work in the business which is necessary to restaurant operations. Competent workers are usually more trained to meet regular.

Range of Persons to use

Corneys Cafe will be making use of six (6) are chefs, waitresses and a director. The two chefs' duties should be cook the foodstuffs such as: rice and peas, yams and bake bread in the cafe for the shoppers to eat. Three waitresses will be serving absolutely free themes in the restaurant and also will be cleaning inside restaurant which can be its floors and desk when buyers finished eating. The Manager works with the cafe financials. Skilled labours educated as many chefs, bakers and waitresses they are given a certificate by special organization of government that they can have to demonstrates that they are certified.


Sources of Set and Seed money

There are

Fixed capital- This refers to assets which are used in the course of production of goods. Set assets will be assets used in the getting of fixed assets case in point: buildings, terrain, equipment etc . It continues to be in the business for a long time and are employed for further useful the business. Functioning capital- is usually items or money that may be use to get the day-to-day operations with the restaurant during production. These products that are used are: cash, inventory, baking flour and glucose in the restaurant's operations. As a result, the business borrows $20, 500. 00 by bank of Jamaica Nationwide at interest at five per cent per annum for the year in short-term which is rate of $1000. 00. By the end with the year the restaurant is going to pays $21, 000. 00. The money the restaurant borrows it will employ for purchasing chairs, table and improves the commutations solutions for day-to-day operations.


Role of the Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is

An individual who, rather than functioning as an employee, runs a business and assumes all the risk and reward of a provided business venture, idea, or good or assistance offered for sale. The businessman is commonly seen as an business head and head of new suggestions and organization processes. The role of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and co-ordinate the elements of production in the cafe. He/she plan the levels of labor essential in the restaurant, raise funds from the restaurant made to purchase in the restaurant.

Three functions of the Businessman

The three capabilities of an entrepreneur are:

1 . To organize the different levels of labors required.

installment payments on your To raise capital, from saving or simply by borrowing loans for an investment in the cafe. 3. To make any modify necessary in the interest of...

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